Holistic Energy Healing

Matter arises from energy.  The benefit of an energetic approach to healing is seeing each person as an integrated organism, in which an energetic distortion may give rise to physical, psychological, or emotional difficulties. Dr. Jamison will help both of you get to know your energetic body, and guide you toward clearing it and shifting it into better alignment and balance.


This work is done through regular (weekly) meetings with a therapist.  Dr. Jamison will help you gain insight into your thoughts and feelings, and how patterns in these may be affecting your actions and your life.  If it feels right for you, you may also work on shifting patterns in your thoughts, behaviors, and body awareness, to enact positive change.

Medical Supports

Psychiatric medications may be of benefit in helping to manage symptoms of anxiety, depression, or other issues.  Dr. Jamison can work with you to initiate treatment, monitor potential side effects, and find a medication that works well for you.  Dietary supplements or vitamins may also be of help.  Dr. Jamison will also soon be offering other supports, such as drug infusions, which may be of help, and also come with potential side effects.

Request a Consultation

If you'd like to discuss your goals more before making an appointment, call or email today, and request a complimentary 10 minute phone consultation.

Choose the Approach that's Right for You

A balanced approach leads to balanced results.  You may feel you need more help in one area more than another, or you may want to take a multifaceted approach.  Choose what feels right for you.  Dr. Jamison practices holistic energy healing at the City Wellness Collective; and a combination of medical and psychotherapy services at her private practice and Pretty Healthy NYC.

Get Started!

Reach out; get an ally in your journey of being the "you" you want to be!  Ask for what seems right for you; healing work, psychotherapy, and/or psychiatry services.