All healing is ultimately self-healing.  The deeper into the roots of the problem one journeys, the greater will be the level of healing.

Why This Approach?

Dr. Jamison came to this combination of modalities out of a longing to help patients understand the power they have over their own health.  Rather than being bystanders dependent on the medical system, they can utilize the assistance of doctors, healers, and other providers.  These practitioners can help patients better understand their health, and offer tools to support and optimize healthcare.

The Combined Approach

Working in teams provides more support and greater possibilities.

Jena Jamison, MD, BHSP

Dr. Jamison's private psychiatry practice

Psychiatry and psychotherapy services in an individual office setting.

Pretty Healthy NYC

with Dr. Roxanna Namavar

At Pretty Healthy NYC, a team of practitioners provide psychological, medical, and aesthetic treatment options for you to look, feel, and be your best self.

City Wellness Collective

with Michelle and Dan Keinan

The City Wellness Collective is an organization in which healers of different modalities offer their services, learn from each other, and help clients find the right fit for a healing team that works for them.

Get Started!

Reach out; get an ally in your journey of being the "you" you want to be!  Ask for what seems right for you; healing work, psychotherapy, and/or psychiatry services.