The journey toward the root of the problem is digging one level deeper at a time.  Our philosophy here is to go one level deeper than current mainstream treatments.  To discover the next layer that you can uncover and transform in your own health journey.

Why This Approach?

Our current medical system is very separated and focused, which is great for specialized care in some specific areas, but also means we tend to miss the whole person.  Throwing the most common medication at a problem may help alleviate it in the short term, but only digging a layer deeper will lead to more lasting and satisfying solutions.

The Combined Approach

Addressing multiple areas increases understanding of your specific needs, in order to develop individualized treatment plans.

Medication and Psychotherapy

Discussion of your history, along with symptom scales and other diagnostic criteria, can help establish whether medication treatment may be of benefit to you.  Many types of psychotherapy may be potentially helpful.  It is important to match the type of therapy to the problem you're experiencing.  There are certain elements of therapy that may get to a deeper level of the problem you're experiencing, and how to fix it - such as finding underlying beliefs in cognitive therapy, or using somatic-based therapy to understand emotions and beliefs that were established in your pre-verbal existence.

Physical and Neurologic Assessment

Testing things like genetic code that affects how your brain operates, and EEG brain wave analysis, can help us target the changes you need more specifically.  Bloodwork helps assess whether problems such as low iron, thyroid problems, Lyme disease, or hormone imbalance may be impacting your health.

Integrative Treatments

Treatments such as IV ketamine stimulate neuronal growth and alleviate symptoms of depression.  IV administration of some vitamins has been shown to affect health outcomes.  Magnetic brain stimulation has been shown to reduce symptoms of depression.  Energy healing and massage have been shown to aid symptoms such as chronic pain and fatigue.

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