Holistic Energy Healing

Healing based on the methods taught at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing; an integration of energetic approaches from various traditions, in coordination with an understanding of psychological and somatic corollaries, based on the traditions of Core Energetics.

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A blended approach for our current understanding of psychological principles.  Drawing from psychodynamic traditions, mindfulness principles, cognitive and behavioral techniques, and somatic integration.

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Medical Treatments

Sometimes medications or supplements can support self-healing, for a short time, or on an ongoing basis, depending on the situation.  Options may include psychiatric medication, dietary supplement recommendations, or IV and infusion treatments.

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Are you looking for help in becoming a more healthy and fulfilled "you"?

Whenever a medical or psychological problem arises, it is based on a systematic imbalance.  It can be helpful to treat the problem that has arisen.  The greater value lies in addressing the underlying imbalance from which the problem arose.  Sometimes, conventional medicine offers tools to evaluate and treat the underlying imbalance.  Yet, at other times, it is aimed at managing a surface symptom of the greater imbalance.

Dr. Jena Jamison initially trained as a psychiatrist, and saw many ways in which this method of care can be useful and helpful to patients.  In particular, she realized that utilizing psychotherapy as a part of treatment offers an opportunity for the patient to participate in healing herself, and can lead to more lasting results.  Still, she hoped for better methods of focusing on underlying imbalances, and offering the patient more ways to participate in their own healing.  For these reasons, after residency, she trained for 4 years in a holistic energy healing program.

Dr. Jamison's ultimate goal is to offer assistance, guidance, and support for patients to address imbalances, so they may move closer toward being the "you" they long to be.


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Reach out; get an ally in your journey of being the "you" you want to be!  Ask for what seems right for you; healing work, psychotherapy, and/or psychiatry services.